Barracuda Blaster Pipe Flume Water Slide at Canada's Wonderland

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Barracuda Blaster

Barracuda Blaster is a fun Cannon Bowl slide in Splash Works. Grab a friend and double up on Barracuda Blaster, where you'll zip down a high-speed pipe flume in a double inner tube, then twist round and round in the vertical banks of a giant whirling bowl of water where you'll eventually be flushed out.

Please Note: The maximum weight limit for each rider is 250 lbs. The maximum combined weight limit for two riders is 400 lbs.

Guests must be 48" tall in bare feet to ride.

Rider Safety Information

Min Height
  • A thrilling tube slide where riders descend down a darkened enclosed flume before exiting into an open-air circular basin which sends riders spiraling in circles. Once momentum subsides, the ride continues into one last enclosed flume before finishing in a 32" (81 cm) depth splash pool. Riders will experience high speeds and rapid movements from side to side.
  • Maximum weight is 250 lb. per rider and 400 lb. per tube.
  • Guests must be seated in a tube, facing forward, and firmly grasping the handles throughout the ride.
  • Guests must have a minimum of three functioning extremities.
  • Guests with a cervical collar, neck brace, broken collar bone, full arm cast, braced arm cast, or full leg cast are not permitted to ride.
  • Guests use an inner tube that can accommodate one or two rides each.
  • Access to the attraction requires climbing several flights of stairs with a tube. Guests will have to ascend the slide tower and be capable of safely entering the tube, on their own or with the assistance of a companion.
  • NOTE:  A red light/green light scale is used at this attraction. Guests who exceed the weight requirements will not be permitted to ride.
  • Visit our Guest Assistance Guide for additional accessibility information.