Canada's Wonderland Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions about all the fun you can have at Canada's Wonderland? Well, you've come to the right place. Here's a list of some of the most common questions we hear from our guests. Take a look and see if you find what you're looking for.

The safety of our guests and associates is our first priority and we have implemented stringent health, safety, and hygiene protocols at the park. Please see the latest on these protocols on our Welcoming You Back page.

Canada’s Wonderland offers ample parking adjacent to the Park. Parking for autos and vans costs $22.00 (tax included) per vehicle when you purchase online. Parking for RVs and campers is $30.00. Accessible parking is available. A drop-off and pick-up area is located on the east side of the main parking lot, off of Jane Street between Norwood Avenue and Avro Avenue. Re-entry is not allowed for day parking vehicles.

Lockers are located at the Front Gate adjacent to Canada's Wonderland Store and inside the entrance of Splash Works. The all-day rental fee for these lockers ranges from $17 to $30 depending on the size of the locker and the time of the season. Canada's Wonderland assumes no liability for items in the locker.

Some attractions may close in inclement weather until conditions permit safe operation. Please enjoy a live show, meal or shopping until such weather passes. Canada’s Wonderland cannot issue rain checks or refunds for inclement weather.

  • Just inside the Park beside Stroller, Locker and Wheelchair Rental at the Front Gate
  • KidZville Shoppe & Arcade
  • Splash Works Muskoka Beach Wear
  • Action Zone (Crystal Arcade)
  • Medieval Faire (Arcadium)
  • Outside Thunder Run (at exit)
  • Outside Locker Room

Please refer to our mobile app for the exact locations of ATMs.  

No outside food, beverages or coolers are allowed to be brought into Canada’s Wonderland. However, baby food and formula are permitted as is plastic bottled water. Guests with baskets, coolers and personal picnic items are welcome to use the public picnic pavilion located just outside our front gates. Those with medical dietary needs will be considered. Guests are encouraged to visit our Special Dietary Needs webpage and/or contact Guest Services at (905) 832-8131 prior to their visit for more information about options available to guests.

No need to panic. There is no need to print your tickets, the tickets can be saved on to the mobile app or your mobile devices and the barcodes scanned from there.

Baby bottles can be warmed up in most of our restaurants as well as our Baby Care Centres located in KidZville and Medieval Faire. Diaper changing areas and/or family restrooms are also available in the Park. For the exact location of each facility, please check our Park Map.

All items that are found arrive at our Lost and Found Centre beside our Lockers & Stroller Rentals which is located at the Front Gate adjacent to Canada's Wonderland Store. If you lose an item on a ride, please notify a ride attendant and go to our Lost and Found to file a Lost and Found Report. You can also file a report online. In order to keep the ride in operation, an immediate search is not possible. If you have found an item in the Park, please notify security personnel.

Only guide dogs / service animals are permitted in the Park. Canada’s Wonderland provides an air-conditioned facility where guests may keep their pet (dogs and cats only) during their visit for a daily fee of $6. This self serve facility requires that pet owners provide care for their pet including water, food and exercise. The facility is equipped with a water faucet, bowls and kennel cages for guest use. Pets must be kept in one of the provided cages. For the comfort of your pet they must be able to stand and turn around in the cage. The largest cage available is 71cm (H) x 116cm (W) x 68cm (D). Please do not leave pets inside your vehicle.

Please note that our Pet Facilities will be closed during WinterFest.

For our guests' convenience, we offer single and double strollers for a one-day rental. All rentals are on a first-come basis and may not be reserved in advance. The rental fee for a single stroller is $15.99 plus tax (+$5 refundable deposit) and for a double stroller is $25.99 plus tax (+$5 refundable deposit). The deposit is refunded upon the satisfactory return of the stroller.

A limited number of wheelchairs and electronic convenience vehicles (ECV) are available for a one-day rental. It is recommended that guests bring their own wheelchairs. A one-day rental of a manual wheelchair is $20.99 plus tax (+ $5 refundable deposit) and an ECV is $99.99 plus tax (+ $50 refundable deposit). The deposit is refunded upon the satisfactory return of equipment.

Canada's Wonderland offers many accessible ways to navigate and enjoy the park, including a Boarding Pass program for rides. Please visit our Accessibility page for more details.

*Please note that electronic convenience vehicles (ECV) are not available during WinterFest.

The best way to enjoy Canada's Wonderland is with a Season Pass! Enjoy exclusive perks with your Season Pass or Gold Pass including season-long access to the park and its amazing rides, shows, and entertainment. As well, you get discounts on food, merchandise, and much more!

View all the great benefits of a Season Pass.

Guests can receive full credit on their admission towards the purchase of a Season Pass. Stop by any ticket window at Front Gate for details during your visit. Upgrading your admission towards a Season Pass must be done during the same day of your visit.

If you forget to bring your Season Pass, please proceed to the Guest Services window located at Front Gate. A replacement fee will be assessed if you lose your Season Pass. You may also download the Canada's Wonderland mobile app and store your Season Pass there virtually, so no need for a card!

Admission tickets and Season Passes are non-refundable and non-exchangeable for any reason after the order transaction is complete at Front Gate, online through our website, by phone or when purchased at a participating retailer. This includes weather related events. We do not issue rain checks. Please check local weather conditions prior to planning your visit.

Guests under the age of 3 do not require an admission ticket to Canada’s Wonderland. Any guest that is 3 years of age or older requires an admission ticket.

You may exit and re-enter the park. Guests will have their photo taken upon entering, which will be used for verification on re-enter. Guests do not need to go through the health screening entry procedures again. Just show your ticket at the re-entry kiosk external front gate. Guests will need to go through the metal detection procedures again. Season Passholders need to show their Season Pass at the re-entry gate.

Guests who leave Halloween Haunt will not be granted re-entry to the event.

We encourage you to visit the Group Sales section of this website to learn more about our programs. Feel free to submit a Group Sales Information request or call us at 905-832-7400.

All drones or RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) are prohibited from taking off or landing on Canada's Wonderland property, with the exception of the company's certified Pilot-In-Command listed on the Park's Special Flight Operations Certificate.

All drone pilots must adhere to Canadian Aviation Regulations set forth by Transport Canada. Any unauthorized drone or pilot found to be violating these regulations and/or trespassing will be reported to Transport Canada and local law enforcement.

These regulations include but are not limited to the pilot maintaining visual-line-of-sight at all times without a visual aid (for example, binoculars or video feed). In addition, drones must fly away from bystanders at a minimum distance of 30 metres.

While in operation, Canada's Wonderland is classified as an Advertised Event, and as such, drones are not permitted to fly near or over the park, as per Transport Canada regulations.

Canada’s Wonderland is not responsible for any inconvenience or financial loss due to unauthorized duplication and/or resale of tickets on websites such as The Red Deals, The Next Deals, The Group Deals, Kijiji and other auction sites. Guests are advised to be wary of discounted ticket deals from individuals, third party websites, apps or social media. Purchase tickets at our official website or with authorized ticket dealers such as Costco, Perkopolis, Venngo, CAA, AIR MILES or GroupON. If anyone has concerns about the validity of a dealer or seller, please call Guest Services at 905-832-8131.

Filming on rides is strictly prohibited. Loose articles could result in injury, for which the guest will be liable. Anyone found breaking this policy could face ejection from the park and have their season pass revoked.

Exceptions to this policy are in place for Swan Lake, KidZville Station and Jokey’s Jalopies. This policy also prohibits the unauthorized use of GoPro style equipment, mounts and harnesses.

All cameras and cell phones must be safely secured in cargo pockets, a waist pack, in a bin on the ride platform, left in a locker, or with a non-rider. Ride attendants cannot be responsible for items lost, stolen, or damaged while riding. Due to the potential for water damage, Riptide, Timberwolf Falls and White Water Canyon riders should leave their cameras and other valuable items with a non-rider or in a locker.

A guest's height is an important safety factor on many rides and attractions. Colour-coded wristbands are provided at the height check stations on international street and correspond to the colour found on the Rules and Regulations signs located at the entrance of each ride. For the safety of your child, shoes that contribute excessively to height should not be worn. We reserve the right to ask that shoes be removed to ensure that a child’s height is not being artificially enhanced or manipulated. If the Height Check Station is closed, a wristband can be obtained at the station of any ride as long as the guest meets the height requirement of that ride.

All passenger restraint systems, including lap bars, shoulder harnesses, and seatbelts must be positioned and fastened properly to allow guests to ride. Due to rider restraint system requirements, guests of larger size (in terms of height, weight, and/or body proportions) may not be accommodated on some of our rides. Our larger guests may experience difficulty on: Backlot Stunt Coaster, Behemoth, Dragon Fyre, Drop Tower, Flight Deck, The Fly, Ghoster Coaster, Leviathan, Lumberjack, Mighty Canadian Minebuster, Psyclone, Riptide, Shockwave, Skyhawk, Sledge Hammer, SlingShot, Soaring Timbers, Swing of the Century, The Bat, The Fly, Thunder Run, Time Warp, Vortex, Wilde Beast, WindSeeker and Yukon Striker.

If you are concerned whether or not you can be accommodated safely on a ride, test seats are located at the ride entrance of: Behemoth, Leviathan, Lumberjack, Skyhawk, and Yukon Striker. For other rides, you may enter the ride via the exit to ensure the restraints function properly prior to waiting in line. The rest of your party may wait for you outside the exit.

First Aid is located in Medieval Faire beside the Spinovator ride and is staff by certified Emergency Medical Responders at all times. If you need immediate medical assistance, please tell any Park associate and he/she will call First Aid and have an Emergency Medical Responder dispatched to your location.

The safety of our guests and associates is our number one priority, and we have implemented several enhanced security procedures at the front gate. As part of the process:

  • Guests arriving at the Park will go through metal detection every public operating day. 
  • All bags, purses, backpacks, waist packs, etc. will be examined prior to entering.
  • Sharp objects (including pocket knives and metal chains), firearms, or other items that could be considered a weapon are strictly prohibited.  
  • Please see our separate FAQ on outside food and beverages.

We use a variety of methods in securing our Parks including uniformed and plain clothes officers, and video surveillance monitoring. 

Canada's Wonderland does not tolerate guests who fight and/or harass other guests while on our property. People who engage this behaviour are subject to being ejected and potentially banned from the Park, and may be subject to arrest by local police.

All guests under the age of 30 will be required to provide valid government issued photo I.D prior to the sale of any alcoholic beverage. As per the Liquor License Act of Ontario, Canada’s Wonderland can deny the sale of any alcoholic beverage to a guest who is showing signs of intoxication or public drunkenness. Any guest who Canada’s Wonderland determines to be intoxicated will be removed from the premises.

For the convenience of all our guests, smoking of any kind, including vapor and e-cigarettes, is not permitted inside the park. Thank you for your cooperation.

Cannabis and related paraphernalia are not permitted on Park property at any time. Canada’s Wonderland is a family entertainment facility and safety is our number one priority.

Rides will close due to extreme temperatures and adverse weather conditions - particularly heavy rain, high winds and/or lightning. This is to ensure that the safety of all our guests is not compromised in unpredictable weather. A dashboard located inside Front Gate Guest Services can provide information on which rides are in operation. A specific answer as to when closed rides will return to operation is not possible because varying degrees of inclement weather cause different effects on different rides. Please be assured that Canada’s Wonderland makes every effort to reopen the rides as quickly and safely as possible after the adverse weather conditions cease. No refunds or rainchecks will be issued due to adverse weather conditions.

MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Interact Direct Payment, US and Canadian traveller’s cheques are gladly accepted for admission. For more information, please stop by Guest Services located at the Front Gate and in KidZville.

Line Jumping is defined as “CUTTING IN FRONT OF OTHER WAITING GUESTS, LEAVING THE LINE THEN ATTEMPTING TO RE-ENTER. THIS INCLUDES USING THE RESTROOM FACILITIES OR TO PURCHASE FOOD OR DRINKS.” Once you leave your place in line, you have forfeited it, no matter what the reason. Saving a place in line is simply not permitted.

Canada’s Wonderland is dedicated to providing our guests with world class thrills, fun, and family entertainment, guided by the principles of safety, service, courtesy, cleanliness and integrity.

We are strict and thorough in the steps we take and the processes we use to keep our properties safe and promote a healthy environment. To protect our guests and associates and prevent the spread of illness, we employ rigorous sanitation standards and robust cleaning procedures, including:

  • Extensive training for associates on maintaining a safe and hygienic workplace and environment for our guests
  • Appropriate personal protective clothing and gear for associates who are assigned for cleaning duties
  • Specified intervals for frequent cleaning and disinfection of targeted areas throughout the day
  • Procedures for cleaning and disinfection of areas throughout the day and where illness has been suspected or reported
  • Quick response to spills, trash, and other situations
  • Daily sanitation procedures, for everything from bathroom faucets and sinks to kitchen and dining surfaces, benches, and trash cans
  • Daily cleaning and “wash down” of outdoors locations, including walkways and queue lines
  • Guest and associate first aid locations to assist with minor health issues.

We maintain close relationships with local, provincial, national, and international public health authorities, and take their guidance when additional preventive measures are needed.

Visit the Welcoming You Back section for more information on our safety protocols.

WinterFest Information

Gold and Platinum Season Passholders do not require a reservation to come to the park. Single-day ticketholders need to purchase their tickets online in advance of visiting. Tickets will not be sold at the park.

To skate on Snow Flake Lake, all guests will need to book their session online in advance of their visit. Details on how to do this, plus other frequently-asked questions can be found on our Snow Flake Lake attraction page.

WinterFest features 21 family rides. To see the list of operating rides, shows, and activities please visit our WinterFest attractions page.

Season Pass Information

  • Your payments must be in good standing for the Season Pass to be extended through to Labour Day 2022.

  • No other action is required from you.

Yes – all 2020 and 2021 Season Passholders who are in good standing will have their Season Pass and Season Pass Add-ons (if applicable) extended to Labour Day 2022, regardless of when the purchase was made.

  • The benefits and entitlements will be the same in 2021 as they are in 2020. For example, if you have a 2020 Regular Pass, you will have a Regular Pass in 2021 and up to Labour Day 2022. If you have a 2020 Gold Pass, you will have a Gold Pass through to Labour Day 2022.

  • 2020/2021 Canada’s Wonderland Platinum Passes will be valid at all Cedar Fair parks through to Labour Day 2022.

All 2020 and 2021 Season Passes and purchased Season Pass Add-Ons will be valid through to Labour Day 2022.

Season Pass upgrades can be done at the park once it opens. If a Season Pass is upgraded, the upgraded pass type will be extended through to Labour Day 2022.

The Season Pass Auto-Renewal program will not be in effect for the 2021 Season. Your 2020 Season Pass will automatically be extended to Labour Day 2022. No action is required of you at this time.

Waterpark Information

To participate in water park attractions, appropriate swimwear is required. Here are some recommendations to help you plan your visit:

  • Appropriate swimwear is required. Thongs and transparent clothing are not permitted. We reserve the right to determine the appropriateness of swimwear. 
  • Guests wearing bathing attire with metal buttons, rivets, zippers, or snaps will not be permitted to ride Lakeside Lagoon - Slides, Muskoka Plunge, or Splash Station Slides.  
  • Footwear is not permitted on Splash Works attractions. Aqua socks and aquatic style footwear are permitted on Lazy River, Riptide Racer, Super Soaker, and The Plunge.  
  • Guests requiring special accommodation should speak to a member of the Aquatics management team. Specifically designed attire made out of lycra or nylon type materials will be considered. Due to attraction manufacturer requirements, some riding restrictions may apply.
  • All guests who require a diaper are required to wear a swim diaper or a diaper specifically designed for aquatic use.
  • When exiting Splash Works, shirts, shorts, and shoes are required. 

If you do not have appropriate swimwear, swimsuits and other aquatic gear can be purchased at Splash Surf Shop.

To ensure the safest experience for all guests during their visit, the following rules are in effect. We appreciate your cooperation in this regard.

  • Attractions may have specific height, weight, and safety requirements. Please refer to the Safety Guide sign posted at each attraction to make an informed decision as to whether the attraction is right for you.
  • Please refrain from running, horseplay, and other boisterous activities.  
  • Glassware and similar material with a tendency to shatter on impact are not permitted in Splash Works.
  • For safety reasons, diving is not permitted at any attraction.
  • Splash Works and Canada’s Wonderland is a smoke-free environment. 
  • Keep an eye on your young children. Children should not be left unattended at any time.
  • Please secure all loose articles, including hats, glasses, and jewelry when riding. Cameras, cell phones, and video recording devices may not be used on any slide or in any changing area or restroom.
  • Water toys, whistles, and inflatable assists are not permitted.
  • Masks and snorkels are not permitted at any water attraction.
  • Hearing devices or any other electronic devices may be damaged by water. Please take the necessary steps to protect such items.
  • According to crowd size, time at the water attractions and access to Splash Works may be limited.
  • Please note that tents, beach umbrellas and shade structures are not permitted inside Splash Works. Guests may make use of the permanent umbrellas or shaded areas provided by the Park or they are welcome to rent one of the Park Cabanas.

Our Aquatics staff is here to ensure that you have a safe and pleasant visit. First aid staff and water park supervisors are available throughout the area should you have any questions or need assistance. Please follow all lifeguard rules and instructions, but do not talk to or distract lifeguards while they are on duty.

In an effort to provide a safe and enjoyable water park experience for our guests, Splash Works routinely utilizes training exercises to improve our lifeguards’ skills and vigilance. These exercises will occur during normal operating hours and may consist of the following: submersible water mannequins, the use of video surveillance equipment, internal and external audits, active/inactive water rescues and/or first aid scenarios.

Splash Works provides a full day of fun in the sun! To make the most of your day, be sure to drink plenty of water in order to avoid heat exhaustion. Drinking fountains are located near each restroom. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen frequently throughout the day. If you happen to forget your sunscreen, Splash Surf Shop and various merchandise locations throughout the Park have a variety of sunscreens and sundries available for purchase.

Lifejackets are available for use throughout Splash Works. Lifejackets are complimentary and are available to any guest wishing to use one. Children, first-time swimmers, and weaker swimmers are encouraged to wear a lifejacket. Lifejackets are available for all guests needing special consideration. Some attractions require children below a specific height to wear a lifejacket before participating in the attraction. Aquatics staff and lifeguards reserve the right to impose the use of lifejackets as needed. For specific attraction requirements, please check out our Rider Assistance Guide. Guests are permitted to wear their own lifejacket; however it must be Coast Guard certified.

PLEASE NOTE: As of July 1, 2018 the regulations under the Health Protection and Promotion act have been updated by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. The regulation now states:

Every owner and every operator of a Class A pool shall ensure that there is a process in place to ensure a guardian or designated person supervises children under 10 years of age. The process must include a swimming competency test and a method of communicating the requirements of the process. O. Reg. 494/17, s. 13 (10).

As there isn’t an opportunity to determine swimming competency in the waterpark environment, we will be requiring that all users under 48” in height or under 10 years of age wear a lifejacket/PFD in both White Water Bay and the Lazy River. Lifejackets are available throughout the waterpark on a first-come, first-serve basis. Guests are able to use their own lifejackets as long as they are Transport Canada, Oceans and Fisheries Canada, or Canadian Coast Guard approved.

The First Aid Station is located next to the Splash Works entry gate. If you need any assistance during your visit, do not hesitate to stop by the First Aid Station, or notify the nearest lifeguard. Our team would be glad to assist.

Upon arriving, we recommend selecting a meeting place such as the First Aid Station, in the event you or your child becomes lost or separated from your party. In the unlikely event that your child becomes separated, please alert an associate. Public address pages cannot be broadcast inside Splash Works.

If you happen to lose an item or leave an item behind while visiting, please drop by the Lost and Found located beside our Lockers & Stroller Rentals, by Front Gate adjacent to the Canada's Wonderland Store.

Splash Works is committed to providing all of our guests with an enjoyable visit. Guests with disabilities are encouraged to visit our Guests With Disabilities page for detailed information on the requirements of each attraction, along with the programs that Canada’s Wonderland and Splash Works offer.

A water wheelchair is available for guests requiring additional assistance when at Lazy River or White Water Bay. The water wheelchair may be used by multiple guests on the same day. During your visit, please speak to a member of our Aquatics management team to obtain access to the water wheelchair and for further accessibility information.

For your convenience, lockers are located in between the Splash Works entry gates. Various locker sizes are available for all of your personal belongings. Locker rentals are automated and can be paid using cash, and credit cards. Debit cards cannot be used at this time. The lockers work with electronic pin codes and will allow unlimited access throughout the day. Locker access is available until both Splash Works and Canada’s Wonderland are closed for the evening. Canada’s Wonderland cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items.

Relax and enjoy the privacy of your own wave side cabana. A limited number of exclusive cabanas are available each day and often sell out. For more information and to reserve your cabana, please visit our Cabanas page.

Inner tubes are available free of charge at each attraction that requires a tube in order to ride. Inner tubes must remain at the attraction after riding. 

Please note that tents, beach umbrellas and shade structures are not permitted inside Splash Works. Guests may make use of the permanent umbrellas or shaded areas provided by the Park or they are welcome to rent one of the Park Cabanas