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Media Centre

Welcome to The Newsroom. The latest press releases issued by Canada's Wonderland and details on upcoming events are all here. Working members of the media are welcome to contact the park with inquiries.

The Canada’s Wonderland Public Relations Department welcomes inquiries and visits from credentialed members of the news media for the production of high-quality news features and programs about the Park.

Please direct media inquiries to: 
Canada’s Wonderland Public Relations Department
9580 Jane Street 
Vaughan, ON, L6A 1S6

Grace Peacock, Director of Communications
Office: 905-832-7480 (Media Calls Only)

High-resolution images, logos, and B-roll are available upon request.

Blogger and influencer contact:
Nicoleta Micle, Digital Marketing Manager
Office: 905-832-7482

Advertising contact:
For advertising inquiries, please contact Cramer-Krasselt at 312-616-9600.

The following guidelines are to be observed at all times. These guidelines have been established for the safety of our guests and associates. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • All media representatives with photo, radio, video and/or TV equipment must be accompanied by an assigned Public Relations and/or Canada’s Wonderland escort at all times while on park property.
  • All photo/radio/video/TV media representatives are to remain on midway areas only, and are not allowed in any restricted areas except by special permission from Public Relations.
  • Taping, filming and photographing inside show venues during performances is not allowed, except by special permission from Public Relations and the performers involved. Even with this permission, no show can ever be recorded in its entirety.
  • Media representatives and all associated production activities are not allowed to inconvenience park guests in any way.
  • Photo/Video/TV cameras, tape recorders and cellular phones are not allowed on any ride or attraction except by special permission from Public Relations. The park maintains a complete library of B-roll footage and still photos of all major rides, shows and attractions, which is available by request.
  • Media representatives may interview guests only with the explicit consent of that guest and Public Relations.

From time to time, Canada’s Wonderland will host events for select media at the park. To assist us in keeping our media contact lists current, please send information to:

Access to media events is restricted and by invitation only. Invitations are usually non-transferable and specific criteria may apply. Canada’s Wonderland reserves the right to refuse access at our discretion.

Non-Working Media Events

For the last many years, the park has hosted an annual Media Day. This is an exclusive, highly anticipated event. Select members of the media are invited to visit the park as guests with their immediate families to review the features of the coming season. The event is usually held pre-season. Working crews are not accommodated on this event.

Access to this event is restricted. During the early spring, we review our media lists and create an invitation list that reflects the editorial agenda for the coming season. From year to year, our invitation list varies. Though we would like to invite a great many members of the media, the list is restricted to working editorial and executive media in the GTA, with a focus on news and entertainment. 

Working Media Events

On occasion, the park will host working media events of various designs and formats. These may be occasions where we will offer exclusive access to an attraction or event for the purpose of developing a news or entertainment story. We carefully review these opportunities to ensure that they are newsworthy. Further, we will ensure that we meet your needs in developing a comprehensive and informed piece by providing whatever support you require (i.e. technical support, press materials, interview opportunities, shot recommendations, etc.).

All drones or RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) are prohibited from taking off or landing on Canada's Wonderland property, with the exception of the company's certified Pilot-In-Command listed on the Park's Special Flight Operations Certificate.

All drone pilots must adhere to Canadian Aviation Regulations set forth by Transport Canada. Any unauthorized drone or pilot found to be violating these regulations and/or trespassing will be reported to Transport Canada and local law enforcement.

These regulations include, but are not limited to, the pilot maintaining visual-line-of-sight at all times without a visual aid (for example, binoculars or video feed). In addition, drones must fly away from bystanders at a minimum distance of 30 metres.

While in operation, Canada's Wonderland is classified as an Advertised Event, and as such, drones are not permitted to fly near or over the park, as per Transport Canada regulations.