Boo Blasters on Boo Hill: Canada's Wonderland Interactive Dark Ride

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Boo Blasters on Boo Hill

Capture the evil Boocifer!

Canada’s Wonderland needs your help! Boo Hill has been overtaken by the wicked Boocifer and now it’s a haunted haven for the underworld, filled with ghastly ghosts, ghouls and goblins of all evil kinds. We need you to capture Boocifer so Boo Hill can be restored to its rightful place in society. Are you ready for this super-spooky, supernatural challenge?

Equipped with your Boo Blaster laser gun, you’ll be guided through the infested property – in ghastly graveyards, creepy corridors and dingy dungeons – shooting at illuminated targets all along the way. Strobe lighting pierces the terrifying darkness to help you see while spine-chilling sounds guide you to the targets. If you hit more targets and collect more points than your fellow blasters, you’ll earn the ability to capture Boocifer and save Boo Hill! Grab your friends and join this terrifying mission!

Guests must be 42" tall to ride alone OR be accompanied by a supervising companion. Hand-held infants are not permitted.

Rider Safety Information

Min Height Accompanied
Min Height Alone
  • An interactive dark ride where riders compete with other riders for the high score. Cars slowly travel through scenes themed to a haunted mansion. Some of these scenes may frighten or startle young children.
  • Maximum weight is 970 lb. per car.
  • A shared lap bar secures all riders in the row across the thighs and pelvis.
  • Guests must have at least one functioning leg. Guests must also have the ability to maintain seated postural control and demonstrate appropriate observed behaviour. Guests who do not meet these requirements must be accompanied by a supervising companion.
  • Alternate access is available at the ride exit to the left. Riders will have to take several steps, on their own or with the assistance of a companion, and be capable of stepping up into the ride unit.
  • Please do not use the ride restraints for support while entering and exiting, as they will shift.
  • WARNING:  This ride contains strobe lighting.
  • Visit our Guest Assistance Guide for additional accessibility information.