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Roller coasters and thrill rides are just the start of this classic Canadian theme park experience.

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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Canadas Wonderland


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Roller coasters and thrill rides are just the start of this classic Canadian theme park experience. Located 30 minutes North of Toronto, Canadas Wonderland is the largest theme park in the Country and one of the most-visited in North America.

Shadi and I have such fond memories of visiting as children that it’s no surprise we’re constantly making new memories here as our adult-selves. There’s truly something for everyone, no matter what age. We don’t want you to visit without experiencing EVERYTHING that this park has to offer.  So if you’re looking for an action-packed day of fun, here are our top 5 reasons to visit Canadas Wonderland.

1. Canadas Wonderland Rides

Stretching over 300 acres, the park is packed with options as it holds 200 attractions, two children’s areas and 17 roller coasters to choose from. They also have a 20-acre water park, Splash Works, which we’ll get to later.

The Yukon Striker is the newest roller coaster to join the Canadas Wonderland family and perfect for adrenaline junkies (like us!). It’s the world’s highest, fastest, and longest dive roller coaster so it was our obvious first choice once we arrived. It reaches top speeds of 130 km/h so prepare yourself!

PRO TIP: Ride the front row of Yukon Striker to experience the full effect of the 3-second hang over the massive 90-degree angle and 245-foot drop into an underwater tunnel.

If you’re not into thrill rides or coasters there’s still LOTS of activities to do. Try your hand at mini-golf, visit the children’s areas of Planet Snoopy and Kidzville, or enjoy movies, games, live presentations, and concerts!

2. Fast Lane Plus

If you love thrill rides and roller coasters we suggest getting a Fast Lane Plus pass. This coveted pass gets you to the front of the line of ALL of the coasters. That includes the parks top 3 roller coasters, Behemoth, Leviathan, and the new Yukon Striker.

There’s a limited supply available each day so you’re guaranteed to have the shortest wait possible. It’s a must to get the most out of your visit if you’re a coaster fanatic like we are!

3. Canadas Wonderland Map

We suggest using the free map on the Canadas Wonderland mobile app to plan your day out and make a ride plan. It’ll streamline your experience and save you time from unnecessary backtracking around the park. They have both a traditional map you can pick up at the park and the interactive GPS enabled mobile app to choose from.

The mobile app also allows you to check ride wait times, height requirements, and identifies which rides have Fast Lane and Fast Lane Plus lanes.  We can’t stress enough how helpful the app is to navigate your day. It also helped us choose food options and make informed decisions on which rides were best to go on next.

PRO TIP: The interactive map also allows you to find the location of restrooms, shows & events, dining, shopping, and guest services. Let’s be real, the restroom map is PRICELESS!

4. Splash Works Water Park

Feeling hot? Remember to pack your swimsuit because the 20-acre Splash Works water park will cool you down! You can relax in the classic lazy river and enjoy one of Canada’s largest wave pools.

Shadi’s favorite Splash Works ride is the 60 ft tall Muskoka Plunge, with 4 speed slides, an epic launch chamber, and free-falls through 360 loops. Barrelling through it at 40 km/h is sure to cool you down. I’m a bit competitive, so the Rip Tide Racer is my favorite as you can race down with up to 7 of your friends in a head to head battle for Splash Works glory!

If you’re a season’s pass holder you get early access to Splash Works (9 am – 10 am) which is a priceless perk! If you’re planning to purchase a seasons pass we suggest getting the one that includes the daily parking fee. It adds up if you plan to visit more than twice!

5. Food at Canadas Wonderland

There are endless food options to choose from at Canadas Wonderland, including restaurants and carts with tasty treats. They have everything from classic burger and fries at Coasters to healthy options at the Grab & Go Market. And no Canada’s Wonderland visit would be complete without enjoying a famous funnel cake. It’s the best food known to mankind if you ask us!).

Coasters Restaurant is a 50’s dining experience like no other.


Stop by the Grab & Go for healthy options of fresh fruit & veggies to snack on.

You can use the outdoor pavilion to dine if you bring your own food as there’s no outside food allowed in the park. The area is large, shaded, and comfortable so bring your coolers in the car and plan for a picnic!

BONUS: The Events

Need a break from the rides? No problem! There are lots of exciting events to choose from including the Ultimate Thrills Circus (with shows daily until July 29th), Celebration Canada (June 29th) and the famous Canada Day Fireworks (July 1st). Get your cameras ready because you’ll be getting lots of insta-worthy memories with these performances.

Impressive acrobatics at the Ultimate Thrills Circus (photo provided by Canadas Wonderland)

Go Time!

After reading our top reasons to visit Canadas Wonderland, it should be no surprise that it’s our favorite local getaway year after year. Have you visited the park before? If so, what’s your CW style, thrill seeker, water lover, or food fanatic? Tell us in the comments below!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Canadas Wonderland. As always, all opinions are our own.



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