Fun facts about some of Canada’s Wonderland top thrilling roller coasters that you probably did not know with their thrill level.

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Cool Facts about the Biggest Roller Coasters at Canada’s Wonderland


Victoria Petkovski |
August 16, 2021

Canada’s Wonderland features many exciting rides that will put all thrill seekers to the test. Here are some fun facts about the biggest and most impressive roller coasters at Canada’s Wonderland!

1.    Yukon Striker – the massive dive machine!
Did you know Yukon Striker breaks three world records? They include: 

  • It’s the fastest dive coaster at 130 km/h (80 mph)
  • It’s the longest dive coaster at 3,625 feet (1,105 meters)
  • It’s the tallest dive coaster at 245 feet (75 meters) - includes underground, because it dives into an underwater tunnel!
  • It also features a 360-degree loop and two Immelmann inversions
  • Thrill level: Aggressive 5/5

2.    Behemoth – Can you conquer this monstrous creature?
Did you know a Behemoth is a mythical creature who is a massive, powerful, four-legged herbivore monster with bones built like steel and limbs made like iron. This beast is extremally large in which our coaster gained its name, Behemoth.

  • The Behemoth is the second-largest roller coaster in Canada
  • This beast will take you up in the air at 230 ft 
  • It features a 75-degree angle of descent with speeds reaching 125 kilometers per hour in just 3.9 seconds
  • It took 18 months to plan and build this enormous coaster
  • Thrill level: Aggressive 5/5

3.    Leviathan – The park’s largest and fiercest coaster
Leviathan is the largest roller coaster in Canada! This is the ultimate adventure for all ambitious thrill-seekers to conquer Canada’s tallest and fastest roller coaster. The Leviathan is known to be a mythical sea monster, the dragon of sea. It’s superhuman strength of this monster also possesses speed, stamina, and agility. This prehistoric sea creature is a match size to the giant shark the Megalodon.

  • This coaster rises 306 feet above the park, exactly 5 feet taller than Windseeker, making it Canada’s Wonderland’s highest peak 
  • Riders plummet 80 degrees over its massive lift hill
  • This beast reaches speeds of up to 148 kilometers an hour, which is faster than most trains travel in Canada
  • Thrill level: Aggressive 5/5

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