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Canada's Wonderland Virtual Ride: Coast to Coaster Virtual Road Trip

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Virtual Ride: Coast to Coaster

Nicoleta Micle

  Digital Marketing Manager 

Take a virtual road trip on the biggest coasters and slides in Canada and the United States

We may all still be at home, doing our part to keep safe and healthy, but there are still ways to virtually get around the world and have some fun. Canada’s Wonderland belongs to the Cedar Fair family of amusement parks. And we’ve all come together to offer you the ultimate virtual road trip, on the biggest roller coasters and slides at all 13 Cedar Fair Parks aka “COAST TO COASTER!” Get ready for a wild ride along 15 km of wood, steel, and fiberglass!

Here’s the travel/coaster itinerary:

  1. Dorney Park – Philadelphia | Talon (3110 feet)
  2. Kings Dominion -  Virginia | Twister Timbers (3351 feet)
  3. Carowinds – North Carolina | Fury 325 (6602 feet)
  4. Canada’s Wonderland – Ontario | Yukon Striker (3,625 feet)
  5. Cedar Point - Ohio | Steel Vengeance (5740 feet)
  6. King’s Island - Ohio | The Beast (7,359 feet)
  7. Michigan Adventures - Michigan | Shivering Timbers (5,383 feet)
  8. Valley Fair - Minnesota| Renegade (3,113 feet)
  9. World of Fun - Missouri| Mamba (5,600 feet)
  10. Schlitterbahn Galveston - Texas | Infinity (696 feet)
  11. Schlitterbahn New Braunfels - Texas| Master Blaster (1,100 feet)
  12. Knott’s Berry Farm - California | Ghost Rider (4,533 feet)
  13. California’s Great America - California | Railblazer (1,800 feet)

Here’s how to set up your virtual ride:

  1. Open up your web browser to head to YouTube or open the YouTube app on your TV.
  2. Place a couple of chairs in front (two by two works best) and have a seat! Some parents with little kids use laundry baskets. Please exercise caution if you're holding it. 
  3. Go to the Canada’s Wonderland channel (find this through the search function)
  4. Search for “Virtual Coaster Tour” and make sure you are selecting to watch it in the highest resolution possible.
  5. Enjoy this wild ride!

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Nicoleta Micle

  Digital Marketing Manager 

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