Behind the scenes, Canada's Wonderland readies for its first Winter Festival

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Behind the scenes, Canada's Wonderland readies for its first WinterFest

Grace Peacock |
November 4, 2019

For the first time in the 38-year history of Canada’s Wonderland, the park will open in November for a new, immersive holiday event. It’s an exciting time and while WinterFest is only a few weeks away, preparations have been ongoing for months. 

It’s a large undertaking. The park will be lit with more than 5 million energy efficient LED lights, strung on about 800 live trees, the buildings, in the décor and even on the mountain. It’s going to be beautiful! But because there’s so much to do, the work to get those lights up had to start early. During your last visit to the park during the fall perhaps you already noticed the strands of lights in the trees?

Since the summer, lots of other work has been happening behind the scenes: hundreds of artificial Christmas trees were assembled and decorated; larger-than-life props, décor and signs have been made or shipped in; and some of the work creating 200 costumes for our entertainers got underway. About 15 kilometres of ribbon is being used for all the decorations!

Now we’re into the home stretch of completing this WinterFest transformation. Undoubtedly, the largest installation is the ice skating rink on International Street. It’ll be called Snow Flake Lake and will be a bit bigger than your standard NHL rink, at 73 metres by 24 metres. 

Crews are building a platform over top of the fountain infrastructure. On this, there will be a special glycol-filled liner that will be constantly chilled. When water is added on top of this, it will freeze to ice and voila! Let the ice skating begin! 

We’re also bringing in three 15-metre high artificial Christmas trees – with two being set up at the foot of Snow Flake Lake and the other on a stage in Medieval Faire (what will soon be called Elf Village!) These towering trees will be a sight to behold once lit up against the night sky. 

In addition to building out our eight themed areas, many of our stores are undergoing complete transformations and dozens of food and store-front signs are being created and installed.

Stage sets are being built, rehearsals are underway and before you know it, it’ll be showtime!

Stay tuned to our social media channels for more behind-the-scenes sneak peeks as we get closer to opening day, November 22!