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25 *Cool* Facts about WinterFest at Canada’s Wonderland

Nicoleta Micle

  Digital Marketing Manager 

It’s the newest experience that is sure to max out holiday spirits. With so many “cool” things happening at WinterFest we often forget the behind the scenes details.  Here are some “cool” facts we bet you didn’t know about WinterFest!

  1. Yes, it’s real ice! The Snow Flake Lake ice rink really is made of frozen water. A cooling mat filled with glycol rests on a platform above the fountain infrastructure and keeps the water above it frozen for skating.
    WinterFest's ice skating rink
  2. We’ve got our very own Zamboni.
  3. WinterFest features more than a dozen live shows and strolling performers.
  4. The nightly tree lighting ceremony features a giant electrical plug and outlet.
    Canada's Wonderland's Christmas tree lighting ceremony
  5. More than 20 new characters are being introduced at WinterFest. (incl. Jack Frost, Sugar Plum Fairy, etc). Find them hanging out around the park and get your photo taken during the holiday event!
    Characters dressed up for the Christmas events
  6. There are eight whimsical WinterFest worlds at Canada’s Wonderland 
    • Elf Village
    • Candy Cane Lane
    • Charlie Brown's Christmas Town
    • Tinsel Town
    • North Pole
    • Season of Lights
    • International Street
    • Christmas Market

      See all of the things to do for Christmas on our WinterFest map
  7. There are 5 million holiday lights in the park and they’re all energy efficient.
    WinterFest's giant ice skating rink!
  8. The Snow Flake Lake skating rink is a bit larger than a standard NHL rink.

  9. We’ve strung lights on more than 800 live trees in the park to sparkle during the winter festival.
    Canada's Wonderland decorated for our winter festival

  10. There are about 450 artificial Christmas trees that have been decorated and placed throughout the park.

  11. Due to the size and nature of this WinterFest transformation, we started on décor work this past July.

  12. WinterFest features more than 200,000 decorations on all of our trees, wreaths and garlands.
    Canada's Wonderland decorated for WinterFest

  13. In total we used about 15 kilometres of ribbon.

  14. Our tallest Christmas trees are 15 metres high (50 feet). There are three of them!

  15. We hired about 100 entertainers and entertainment staff for our live performances and shows.

  16. We tailored approximately 200 costumes for the holiday event
    Live performances are one of WinterFest's many Christmas activities

  17. Five stores in the park underwent complete WinterFest transformations.
    Canada's Wonderland's shops are full of things to do for Christmas!

  18. There are 3 ‘festive’ funnel cakes available during WinterFest: Candy Cane Funnel Cake, Eggnog Funnel Cake and Gingerbread Funnel Cake.

  19. We’ve got more than 1,000 pairs of skates available for rent.

  20. More than 1,000 Seasonal Employees have been hired for WinterFest

  21. Thousands of Pixie lights hung on Wonder Mountain project a magical winter waterfall.
    A winter waterfall made of beautiful Christmas lights at WinterFest!

  22. The Season of Lights display features beautiful, decorative panels honouring various cultural and religious celebrations, including Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Chinese New Year, Diwali and the Nativity.
    Multicultural holiday celebration at WinterFest

  23. Feeling a little chilled? We’ve got dozens of outdoor patio heaters ready to warm you up, plus several fire pits surrounded by Muskoka chairs.  

  24. There’s a special, interactive mailbox at the North Pole Post office that will give you a little surprise when you insert your letter to Santa!
    Send your letter to Santa at Canada's Wonderland's Christmas event

  25. Tinsel Town features a pathway called “Flash n’ Trash” where colourful lights all over the area flicker in time to a festive soundtrack. It’s pretty psychedelic!

Canada’s Wonderland is excited to host its first WinterFest.  FACT: You can expect magical holiday fun for guests of all ages.

To purchase tickets for WinterFest please visit: our website


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Nicoleta Micle

  Digital Marketing Manager 

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