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FUN Fact.

FUN FactThe longest rollercoaster in the park is Leviathan at 5,486 feet long (1,672m).


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Level 5 - Aggressive Thrill

At a Glance

Location: Action Zone
Duration: 1 minute, 50 seconds
Height Requirement: 48"
Manufacturer: Funtime

Climb into a two-person capsule and catapult nearly 300 feet into the air at speeds up to 100km/h!

SlingShot is powered by a patented spring propulsion device incorporating 720 specially designed extension springs. This unique device applies over 40 tons of force to the springs to thrust riders upwards. Riders are launched upwards to a maximum height of 295 feet (90m) over Action Zone, where they can tower 65 feet (20m) over Behemoth, and come face to face with riders on the neighbouring 301 foot (92m) WindSeeker!

At the apex of the ride, riders will feel moments of weightlessness before descending back down to earth. The passenger unit has the ability to flip during its descent, making each ride on SlingShot unique and unpredictable.

This attraction is not included with park admission. A separate fee is required to experience this attraction.

This ride will accommodate guests with a maximum height of 79".