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FUN Fact.

FUN FactThe longest rollercoaster in the park is Leviathan at 5,486 feet long (1,672m).


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Level 5 - Aggressive Thrill

At a Glance

Location: Action Zone
Duration: 1 minute 30 seconds
Height Requirement: 48"
Manufacturer: Gerstlauer Amusement Rides GmbH
Speed: 11 rotations per minute

  • The first ride of its kind in North America
  • Riders take control of their own cockpit, showcasing their flying abilities as they maneuver through 360 degree turns, and challenge themselves to engage in multiple inversions at 135 feet (41m) in the air.
  • Test your limits and try to beat the current inversion record!


Cut Your Wait Time On Skyhawk.

This is one of the many great rides in the FAST LANE PLUS lineup.