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Blackout at Canada's Wonderland's Halloween Event


Humans have been digging for centuries, creating underground tunnels that should lead to somewhere. But within this pitch-black century-old passage below Canada’s Wonderland, it is said, there is only so far you can go. There are many questions as to why the tunnel may not have ever been completed, with reports that a group of three brave workers once tried to find out.

Only one worker, named Timothy, resurfaced. 

Records from years ago show it took nearly a week to find Timothy. He was lying near the entrance of the tunnel early one morning, covered in dirt and ratty clothing. When he awoke, he had spoken in a chant-like voice, “we tried to find the end around the bend.” Timothy repeated this five times before snapping out of his state, or so they thought.

It is alleged that Timothy’s chant put a curse on his family and the passage, with not a single human daring to venture below ground. 

Now it’s your turn to find out what lies in the darkness of  the century-old passage that was never completed. We will likely never know what Timothy saw or heard exactly, but we do not suggest chanting, “we tried to find the end around the bend.”