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Physics, Science & Math Class Field Trips at Canada's Wonderland

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Canada’s Wonderland’s spring educational programming has been cancelled.

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Canada's Wonderland Physics, Science and Math Days
Canada's Wonderland Physics, Science and Math Days
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Physics, Science & Math Days

Curriculum Workbooks can be found below the Teacher Documents section.

If Sir Isaac Newton were alive today, we’re pretty sure he would sign off on a physics class field trip to Canada's Wonderland. As a renowned scientist credited with many physics principles we follow today, he would know that an innovative – and totally fun – way to demonstrate the science that deals with matter, energy, motion, and force is a modern-day roller coaster. We sure have plenty of those at Canada's Wonderland, so bring your students to participate in our specially designed physics, science, and math educational activities.

We’ve collaborated with leading teachers and consultants to develop activities and downloadable packets that can be used as a resource guide or modified to meet your current teaching requirements.

Experiencing the laws physics firsthand while having a blast can certainly work up an appetite, so add a catered meal to your Physics, Science & Math Day to make it complete.

Physics, Science and Math Day features the WonderCoaster Building Contest. Be part of the contest or watch in awe as the Park transforms into the place where Canada's future engineers assemble to show off their ideas for Wonderland's next awe-inspiring roller coaster! This fun and educational contest puts your students' understanding of physics to the test while enjoying this hands-on learning experience that focuses on gravity-driven rides, potential & kinetic energy.

Grade 5 - 8

  • Grade-specific science activities focusing on the science and engineering of individual rides in the Park

  • Grade-specific park exploration activities focusing on travelling through the Park observing science in action

  • Rollercoaster building competition

  • Grade-specific data collection and surveying in the Park

  • Grade-specific mathematics activities focusing on individual rides in the Park

  • Grade-specific park exploration activities focusing on travelling through the Park observing mathematics in action

Grade 9 - 12

  • Grade-specific activities focusing on observations, calculations and problem-solving scenarios within the amusement park context

  • Rollercoaster building competition

  • Grade-specific park exploration activities focusing on travelling through the Park observing mathematics in action

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Teacher Documents

Download for your reference.

Organizing Your Day Accelerometer Guidelines Student Contract
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Completing and Submitting the Registration Form

Please complete the fillable-form by clicking HERE on your computer or device. Please no handwritten forms. Once submitted, a member from our Group Sales team will be in touch.

Questions or Concerns? Please contact Amy Dew at (905) 832-7502 or via email at

Program Policies

  • All orders are prepaid at least 5 business days in advance - tickets will be delivered electronically.
  • Upon registering for the program at Canada's Wonderland, you will be sent an invoice closer to the date of visit. You may adjust your group size at that time.
  • Pricing, programs, dates and hours are subject to change without notice.
  • All school boards are insured with Canada’s Wonderland. A liability certificate is available for your board upon request to help you obtain approval for your field trip.
  • *2020 Early Bird Registrants Complimentary Admission tickets are only valid for the entire season except for Halloween Haunt and WinterFest. They are provided to the teacher who booked the field trip -  these tickets will be sent to you on or before your visit date.
  • Complimentary ticket policy applies to all groups. 1 FREE Admission Ticket* per 10 paid tickets for grades K through 8. 1 FREE Admission Ticket* per 15 paid tickets for grades 9 through 12.