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Marching Band Performances

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Canada's Wonderland Marching Band Performances
Canada's Wonderland Marching Band Performances
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Marching Band Performances

Any 2019 Operating Day

10:30AM - 12:00PM
*Subject to Availabilities - Price Varies*

Reward your marching band with a day of excitement and thrills! Our performing groups program is an excellent opportunity for students to perform in a fun, exciting and relaxed environment with thousands of spectators. Your performance members will become the center of attention as they march in the Park!

Program Requirements

  • Performing Groups must consist of at least fifteen (15) members and must be pre-approved prior to arrival. 

  • Groups will perform in a designated area in the park 

  • All performance members must be dressed in appropriate performance wardrobe.

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Program Policies

  • Pricing, programs, dates and hours are subject to change without notice
  • All school boards are insured with Canada’s Wonderland. A liability certificate is available for your board upon request to help you obtain approval for your field trip.
  • All ticket policies, details, etc. are on the corresponding Ticket Order Form listed above.
  • Price includes the performance and Park admission for the day.
  • Tickets are to be prepaid using a credit card (AMEX, VISA, MASTERCARD) or cheque. All unused paid admission tickets are refundable/returnable.
  • Tickets will be sent by courier prior to performance unless group is from the USA. Canada’s Wonderland does not courier tickets to the USA – tickets will be provided to you upon arrival by a Group Sales Representative. If there is not enough time to courier or we do not courier to you then a Group Sales Representative will give you your tickets when you arrive in the morning.
  • Follow bus parking signs and park in the regular bus parking lot. Once parked, check in with POST 2 (security booth) and a Group Sales Representative will come out and meet with you.
  • Warm ups can be done by the bus (keep eye out for moving vehicles!)
  • 5 minutes before scheduled performance time have the group make their way to POST 2. Security and a Group Sales Representative will escort group through Marching Route.
  • Please DO NOT bring any bags for the march through the Park.
  • Stage, chairs, stands, mics, amps are NOT provided. All equipment is to be moved by the group. Due to security reasons, we do not turn off or down the piped in music.
  • This is an open air performance – no shelter/roofing provided.
  • Parade takes about 15 minutes per loop around the path depending on the speed of the group. 30 minutes if looping twice – let your representative know if you want to loop twice. Stand still performances are available upon request and located next to Arthur's Baye in Medieval Faire.
  • Changing facilities are not provided. Musicians are welcome to use the washrooms located next to the Arcade to change – most, however, come dressed and change on the bus after performing.
  • Marching Bands are NOT adjudicated and no photo is provided – you are not provided an award or plaque unless it is May & June and you specifically request one.
  • Once performance is over and group is escorted back to their bus, they are to re-enter through the Front Gate using their admission tickets.