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It's Not Just About The Fun!

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Canada's Wonderland Student and Youth Groups
Canada's Wonderland Student and Youth Groups

It's Not Just About The Fun!

But don't tell the kids.

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Student and Youth Programs

FUN is Now in Session! Canada's Wonderland offers something for everyone when it comes to Student and Youth Groups. From making the Park your own personal interactive classroom, to celebrating that special occasion, we have fun & affordable packages that will thrill your entire group! And don't forget to consider adding Dinosaurs Alive! to your day. Featuring over 40 life-sized dinosaurs set in a seven acre outdoor Jurassic-themed environment; Dinosaurs Alive is a first class interactive exhibit that brings inspiration, science, and technology together! Take advantage of this unique opportunity to bring science to life for your students!

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Student and Youth Group Events

From student learning and leading to celebrating and having fun, Canada's Wonderland offers fun and affordable events that will thrill Student and Youth Groups of all sizes and varieties.

Canada's Wonderland Soaring Timbers Day

Ride Engineering Day

Friday, May 4, 2018

Meet the engineers behind the design and construction of our newest ride! Enjoy exclusive use on Lumberjack from 9:00am to 10:00am, followed by a seminar at 10:30am inside Wonderland Theatre. 

Canada's Wonderland Physics, Science and Math Days

Physics, Science & Math Days

May 4th, 10th, 11th

May 14th - June 15th, 2018 (Mon-Fri)

Give your students a lesson they'll never forget. Our Annual Physics, Science, & Math Program is supported with student activities, group projects, and educational program materials in an effort to support classroom learning before or after your visit. 

Canada's Wonderland Leviathan's Lair

Leviathan's Lair

Friday, May 11, 2018

This is your chance to build a business plan from A to Z for a product or promotion at Canada’s Wonderland. Present your idea in front of a panel of Canada’s Wonderland executives for a chance to be featured in our Park.

Canada's Wonderland Spark Leadership Conference

SPARK Leadership Conference

May 29th, May 30th & May 31st, 2018

Canada's Wonderland is excited to host the 6th Annual Youth Leadership conference presented by Youth Leadership Camps Canada! Join inspirational speakers Ian Tyson, Sarah Wells and Jol Hilchey for an amazing Leadership Development presentation. 

Canada's Wonderland Ontario Junior Leadership

Ontario Junior Student Leadership Conference

Friday, June 1, 2018

Grade 7 & 8 Students Only

Canada's Wonderland is proud and excited to be hosting the 3rd annual Ontario Junior Student Leadership Conference. Join Ian Tyson, Scott Hammell, and Joel Hilchey for an amazing morning of leadership development and fun!

Teens at Canada's Wonderland's Grad Week

Grad Week

Monday, June 4th – Friday, June 8th

Join us at Canada’s Wonderland for a week of celebration as the Class of 2018 comes together for a day of fun, food and activities!

Canada's Wonderland College & University Groups

College & University Groups

Any Operating Day

Great Discounts off our Front Gate Ticket price! College & University Group Tickets are recommended for student associations, frosh or orientation trips, student clubs and programs for groups of 15 or more people.

Canada's Wonderland Custom Seminars

Custom Seminars

Any Operating Day

Custom Seminars & Behind the Scenes Tours are designed with you in mind! Learn from various Park staff in Resale (merchandise, food & beverage, games), Public Relations & Special Events, Human Resources, Operations, and/or Maintenance & Construction (engineering). 

Canada's Wonderland Field Trips

Field Trips

Grade K - 12

Any Operating Day in May & June

Come with your class any day of the operating season for thrills and fun! Our Park has been a staple of many Greater Toronto Area schools when they look to take a day off and experience all the excitement of Canada's Premier Amusement Park. 

Canada's Wonderland Marketing and Sales Seminar

Marketing & Sales Seminar

May 25th & June 5th

Broaden your students’ horizons in the fields of Marketing & Sales. Students can see real-world marketing in action as they learn how Canada's Premier Amusement Park sells fun to consumers. This education-packed day includes a special seminar from a marketing professional.

Canada's Wonderland Student and Youth Groups Scare School

Scare School: Halloween Haunt Seminar

2018 Program information and pricing coming soon!

Scare School will take you through all aspects of production - from a set design seminar with the creative directors behind Haunt to a behind-the-scenes tour of a maze…a truly unique experience that combines all aspects of the theatre in one thrilling trip.

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Student Meal Options

Add even more fun to your group's day with an affordable and delectable meal option. Make feeding the entire group easier than ever. From a variety of meal and drink vouchers for groups of any size to All-You-Can-Eat options for groups of 50 or more.

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Performances and Competitions

Canada's Wonderland offers all kinds of opportunities for young musicians, bands and cheer teams to shine while they perform in front of a supportive audience of park guests.

Canada's Wonderland Performance in the Park

Performance in the Park

Any 2018 Operating Day

Reward your performance group with a day of excitement and thrills at Canada's Wonderland! Our performing groups program is an excellent opportunity for students to perform in a fun, exciting and relaxed environment with hundreds of spectators. After your performance, spend the rest of your day on the rides!

Canada's Wonderland Marching Band Performances

Marching Band Performances

Any Operating Day

Reward your marching band with a day of excitement and thrills at Canada's Wonderland! Your performance members become the centre of attention as they march through the Park. After your performance, spend the rest of your day on the rides!

Canada's Wonderland WonderCoaster

WonderCoaster Building Contest

Friday, May 4, 2018

Show off your students' ideas for Wonderland's next awe-inspiring roller coaster! This fun and educational contest puts your students' understanding of physics to the test while enjoying this hands-on learning experience that focuses on gravity driven rides, potential & kinetic energy.

Canada's Wonderland Cheerleading Competition

Annual Cheerleading Competition

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Canada's largest, single day, outdoor Cheerleading Competition in conjunction with the Ontario Cheerleading Federation! Bring your school or competitive team for a fun day of competition on the fully sprung performance floor, and then spend the rest of your day enjoying exhilarating rides! 

Canada's Wonderland Festival of Music

Festival of Music

May 4, 10, 11
May 14th to June 15th (Mon-Fri)

Canada's Wonderland's Festival of Music provides band, orchestra and choral students the opportunity to perform on-site at the Park. Adjudicators listen, evaluate and comment on your group’s performance and every group is awarded a participation plaque. 

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Use of Rides and Attractions

  • All rides are inspected daily and meet the Technical Standards & Safety Authority requirements. Teachers may obtain a copy of our Ontario Amusement Device License if required to get approval for a field trip.
  • All school boards are insured with Canada’s Wonderland. A liability certificate is available for your board upon request to help you obtain approval for your field trip.
  • Each ride/attraction defines riders safety procedures on signage located at the entrance of the ride. Students with known medical conditions or concerns can review the rider assistance guideline prior to visiting the park
  • Procedures are verbally reinforced prior to the ride starting. Any visitor not following the procedures is asked to exit the ride
  • Download Safety and Guest Assistance information:

Supervision and Security in Park

For student and youth groups, Canada's Wonderland offers complimentary tickets for chaperones. The number of complimentary tickets varies based on the size of the group.

Download the Complimentary Ticket Calculator

  • Security guards are stationed throughout the park on a daily basis to enforce park policies and ensure the safety of our guests. They regularly patrol their designated areas.
  • Schools can help with supervision in the park by assigning chaperones to groups of students. To encourage chaperoning of groups we offer complimentary tickets for supervisors. 1 per 10 paid tickets for grades K to 8 and 1 per 15 paid tickets for grades 9 to 12. If you forsee an issue with our complimentary ticket policies and the chaperones you require for supervision whether it be for a board mandate or for Season Passholders, please contact us at 905-832-7400 or
  • Schools are advised to nominate a central location that students should be, should they become detached from the group. The floral flag and the front gate is a good place for this.
  • There is a lost person procedure that is enacted should any students become separated from their group. It involves strategic searches by security within the park.

Metal Detectors at Main Entrance

  • The safety of our guests and associates is our number one priority. Metal detectors and bag inspections are used at the Front Gate and at Gate 5 (Festival of Music entrance).
  • Weapons of any kind and illegal substances are not permitted on Canada’s Wonderland Property. If these items are found during a search, the items and the individual may be turned over to law enforcement.

Adverse Weather Conditions

  • Rides will close due to adverse weather conditions, particularly heavy rain, high winds and/or lightning. This is to ensure that the safety of all our guests is not compromised in unpredictable weather.
  • A dashboard located inside Front Gate Guest Services can provide information on which rides are in operation. A specific answer as to when closed rides will return to operation is not possible because varying degrees of inclement weather cause different effects on different rides.
  • Please be assured that Canada’s Wonderland makes every effort to reopen the rides as quickly and safely as possible after the adverse weather conditions cease. No refunds or rainchecks will be issued due to adverse weather conditions.

Exposure to Sun - Dehydration and Sunburn

  • Water fountains are provided at all bathroom locations. Plastic bottled water, including refillable bottles, are allowed inside the park. It is recommended that schools encourage students to bring these to be used in the park for the day. Bottled water is for sale in vending machines and stores
  • Sunscreen and hats are available for purchase inside the park. There is also a large number of shaded areas for students to rest and be out of the sun, even while they are in line. First aid is able to assist with treating sunburns. It is recommended that schools enforce the use of hats and sunscreen.