Special Drink and Dessert Menu for Canada's Wonderland's 40th Anniversary

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Canada's Wonderland unveils 40th Anniversary drinks and desserts menu

Grace Peacock |
July 30, 2021

It’s Canada’s Wonderland’s 40th anniversary this year and since life should always be a party, we’re introducing a limited time 40th Anniversary Drinks and Dessert menu! The new menu features some celebratory twists on original park treats, delectable goodies and our own signature cider, ale and sangria you can only find at the park.

Here are the amazing new items which will be available this month through to Oct. 31.

Rainbow Candy Funnel Cake

Rainbow Candy Funnel Cake

If you can’t get enough funnel cake at Canada’s Wonderland, you must try the new Rainbow Candy Funnel Cake featuring the same warm, chewy-yet-crispy pastry topped with vanilla ice cream, maraschino cherry sauce and Jelly Belly jelly beans! Coming soon to Fightertown Funnel Cakes in Grande World Expo and Medieval Faire Funnel Cakes.

Canada's Wonderland Blue Ice Cream

Canada’s Wonderland Blue Ice Cream

Blue ice cream is back! If you came to the park as a child in the 80s and 90s, you may recall we had blue ice cream in Hanna-Barbera Land themed to The Smurfs. Many guests declared this a favourite treat from their childhood. We’re thrilled to announce the return of the blueberry-vanilla flavoured ice cream, which is available now at Mountainside Bakery.

Blue Ice Cream Cookiewich

If having the blue frozen treat in a cone just isn’t enough for you, try it between two massive cookies and with the ice cream topping of your choice! Available at Mountainside Bakery.

Canada's Wonderland Ernest Cherry Cider Muskoka Anniversary Ale

Wonder Mountain Cherry Cider and Canada’s Wonderland Anniversary Ale

We’ve partnered with Ernest Cider to bring you a refreshingly light and sweet cherry cider and with Muskoka Brewery to bring you a new signature ale with bright citrus flavours and a delicate caramel malt backbone. Available at various locations.

Canada's Wonderland sangria packs

Celebration Sangria

We’ve got the best drink packs for our adult guests! Try our new red or white sangria from Inniskillin with sweet popping fruit pearls, in a convenient drink pack you can carry around the park. Coming soon to Medieval Faire Trailer Bar and Yukon Striker Bar.

40th Anniversary Bubble Waffle

Enjoy our new plant-based waffle - crispy and sweet and with fluffy bubbles served with ice cream and blueberry compote. Coming soon to Sugar & Spice Pastry Shop.

Canada's Wonderland Churro Donut Sundae

Churro Donut Sundae

You know churro sticks, how about churro donuts? Our special sundaes include two cinnamon churro donuts with different toppings, including vanilla ice cream, white chocolate shavings, sprinkles and caramel sauce. Coming soon to Fightertown Funnel Cakes.

Canada's Wonderland Celebration Cake

Celebration Birthday Cake

It’s our party so everyone should have some special anniversary cake! This cake features colourful layers to match the rainbow over Wonder Mountain. Try a slice at the new Sugar & Spice Pastry Shop on International Street.

Canada's Wonderland cookie revival

The Great Cookie Revival

Did you know Mountainside Bakery was once called The Great Chocolate Chip Cookie Machine? This venue was a staple for many guests looking for our famous cookies during their visit, and now we’ve brought many of them back! Try a Skor or S’Mores cookie-on-a-stick, our giant 9-inch celebration cookie (also comes as a cookiewich!) and our Canada’s Wonderland vegan chocolate chip cookie.