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2 Years Ago Construction on Yukon Striker Roller Coaster Completed

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Marking 2 years since construction completed on world record-breaking coaster Yukon Striker!

Nicoleta Micle

  Digital Marketing Manager 

It was only two years ago this week that we finished building Yukon Striker, the world’s longest, tallest and fastest dive coaster! 

The park started planning the construction of Yukon Striker in 2014. Site surveys and site assessment were conducted to measure how the new ride would interact with the existing attractions and park amenities. While summer months provide ideal weather conditions for construction, building during an operating season and working around guests can make things difficult. Therefore, most of the construction work had to be done during the fall and winter months. 

Construction for Yukon Striker officially commenced in January 2018 and was completed on February 1, 2019.  

Who was involved in the project: Ride manufacturer Bolliger & Mabillard from Switzerland, local structural engineers, architects, landscape architects, electrical contractors, iron workers, civil contractors, plus Canada’s Wonderland’s own project management team. 


Here are a few photos highlighting the construction process:

Platform + Station:

Yukon Striker Platform Construction

Yukon Striker Construction Platform Comparison


In order to build the massive underground tunnel, a diversion channel was built for Vortex ‘lake’ to drain the water but also to help protect the environment by preventing silt runoff downstream. Vortex itself was in the way, so three of its columns and two pieces of track had to be temporarily taken out in order for the tunnel to be built.

Yukon Striker roller coaster construction

The Lift/Drop:

Yukon Striker’s 90 degree drop is 75m (245 feet) tall.

Yukon Striker Construction Drop


Yukon Striker is the only dive coaster in the world with a 360-degree loop! The top piece of the loop was the last piece needed to complete the 1,100 metres of track. 

Yukon Striker Construction Loop


The coaster was tested hundreds of times with water dummies, which were used to simulate the weight of real people.

Yukon Striker Water Testing Dummies


Yukon Striker had its first riders on April 24, 2019 as part of a SickKids fundraiser campaign. The park offered 72 seats on three trains. Proceeds raised went to SickKids Foundation in support of world-class care, research education and a brand-new Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, ON. Yukon Striker opened to the public on May 3, 2019.




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Nicoleta Micle

  Digital Marketing Manager 

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