Forest of Fear Haunted Trails at Canada's Wonderland

Park: 10 AM - 10 PM Waterpark: Closed View Hours
Forest of Fear

Location: Along the path in front of Time Warp/Flight Deck and the Carousel

Nighttime descends quickly onto hikers, who have dared to walk through the forest, not knowing the narrow and winding haunted trail may not lead them to their destination before the sun completely disappears. Tall looming trees creak and sway as you try to navigate, but while you venture, the darker it becomes until only a sliver of moonlight can be seen through the rustling branches in the Forest of Fear.

A silhouette of a large figure appears in the haze and you stop, frozen in your tracks, clenching your fists, as your knuckles turn white. The figure is approaching in lurching movements and you hear a snarl that thunders through the dirt, making your heart beat faster. 

As it nears, you take one step back, but the creature seems to get closer and closer. The snarl turns into a growl, as you stare into its eyes, like glowing red embers. 

You turn around, drop everything, and begin to run. The thuds of numerous feet and sounds of slobbering seem to get closer and closer. 

Will you be able to make it out of the Forest of Fear before another creature appears? Continue to follow the winding path to find out.