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The Toronto Blue Jays and Canada’s Wonderland have a lot more in common than just the same operating season (making them both fun summer activities)!

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What Do the Toronto Blue Jays and Canada’s Wonderland Have in Common?

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The Toronto Blue Jays and Canada’s Wonderland have a lot more in common than just the same operating season (making them both fun summer activities)! There is definitely a mutual love and respect for Toronto and its neighbouring cities, and each ‘team’ has their own awesome lineup of all-stars – both rides and athletes! We decided to have a little fun and match up five Toronto Blue Jays players with your favourite Canada’s Wonderland ride counterparts.

Jose ‘Bat-Flipping’ Bautista: The Bat

This was an obvious one, right? How can anyone forget the iconic moment Bautista flipped his bat epically in 2015, after a tumultuous game against the Texas Rangers at the Rogers Centre? We’re pretty sure you could feel the surge of adrenaline throughout Canada at that exact moment! The Bat will also get your adrenaline pumping by launching you through an unyielding corkscrew and a breathtaking loop, frontwards and backwards.

Josh ‘Bringer of the Rain’ Donaldson: Timberwolf Falls

Donaldson is an impressive force to contend in the MLB, with awesome game-winning hits and defense any team would dream of. He really knows how to make it rain! And you know what else brings the rain? Timberwolf Falls! Watching the riders shoot down the falls while on the Observation Deck, guarantees you a splash like no other. No weather forecast needed.

Marcus ‘Height Doesn’t Measure Heart’ Stroman: Ghoster Coaster

Small and mighty? The Stro-Show is the epitome of this! He’s been known to give it all he has and always steps up to the plate, literally. Canada’s Wonderland has attractions built for all of our small and mighty Ride Warriors in KidZville and Planet Snoopy. Ghoster Coaster may be the junior version of Wild Beast, but it packs tons of thrills with exhilarating drops, ticking camel humps and snappy back curves, making it the perfect coaster for smaller daredevils looking to reach for the stars.

Troy ‘Tulo’ Tulowitzki: Muskoka Plunge

Tulo’s trade to the Toronto Blue Jays was a surprise to many in 2015, just like our newest and exciting ride in Splash Works: Muskoka Plunge. You may have heard rumblings about this ride, like you hear about trades in the MLB, but you definitely didn’t know what to expect! You begin your ride in total suspense while waiting in one of four ‘DreanalineDrop’ launch capsules and are suddenly plummeted into a high-speed free-fall reaching speeds of approximately 40 km/h. Safe to say, with Tulo’s awesome glove work and obvious hunger, both ‘teams’ know what adrenaline is.

Roberto “Osuna Mata” Osuna: Leviathan

This talented Blue Jays Pitcher is receiving praise from teammates and competitors alike, being dubbed as one of the best pitchers of his age the MLB has ever seen. There is no doubt this is one reason he was chosen to participate in the 2017 All-Star game. Osuna continues to impress his team and Toronto, by becoming the youngest pitcher, at the age of 22, to record 75 saves in MLB history. You know what else happens to be impressive at Canada’s Wonderland and is ranked pretty well? Leviathan. As the tallest and fastest roller coaster in Canada, there is no greater honour than to ride this all-star, record-breaking coaster.

So, do you agree with our matches? Can you think of other great match ups? Let us know!

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