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The summer break is almost wrapping up but there’s still so much to see and do at Canada’s Wonderland.

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Lots to do at Canada’s Wonderland before the summer break is over.

Nicoleta Micle

  Digital Marketing Manager 

The summer break is almost wrapping up but there’s still so much to see and do at Canada’s Wonderland.  Home to some of the most exhilarating attractions, you can ride all morning and then slide all afternoon in our 20-acre splash works.  In between the ride and slides you can also take advantage of:

Our amazing food festivals (Food festival entrance is included with park admission) *Most menu items are included with your All Day or All Season Dining Plan.

  • Taste of Greece (Aug. 17 to Aug. 18):  Just what your taste buds were craving. Opa! Enjoy a myriad of Mediterranean dishes, from souvlaki to signature desserts, while listening to live music and street entertainment.


  • Taste of Italy (Aug. 24 and Aug. 25): Bellissimo! Come to our annual Taste of Italy Food Festival to be serenaded with live music while you indulge in your favourite Italian dishes, from pizza to pasta and everything in-between!


Must-see shows:

  1. Chinese Acrobats: Showcase their amazing displays of contortion, flexibility and control as they push the envelope of human possibility with astonishing juggling dexterity,  incredible balancing feats, and aerial acrobatics.
    • International Showplace | July 31- Sept 2 | 3:00pm | 5:00pm| 7:00pm


  1. Tundra: A Cirque Experience, where you’ll be mesmerized by magical displays of acrobatics, mystique and athleticism in the cold Canadian north.
    • International Showplace | June 28 to Labour Day
    • M, T,TH, F, SUN: 2:00pm | 4:00pm| 6:00pm
    • SAT and Holidays: 2:00pm | 4:00pm| 6:00pm | 8:00pm


  • Flying Frontenacs: Don’t miss the Flying Frontenacs as they stunt dive off a 70ft (21m) platform and showcase their athleticism on trampolines with incredible flips, turns, and dives. Location: Arthur’s Baye | June 22- Labour Day | 1:30pm | 3:30pm | 4:30pm | 5:30pm


  1. Snoopy Dog Days of Summer: Get ready to sing, dance, and maybe even be a part of the show as the PEANUTS Gang prepares to surf the waves! Take a trip to the beach with Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, and Snoopy in this musical adventure.
    • Playhouse Theater | 12:00pm | 1:30pm | 3:00pm | 4:30pm | 6:00pm



FIREWORKS: Sunday, September 1 at 10:00pm

For a full list of shows please visit our website.


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Nicoleta Micle

  Digital Marketing Manager 

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