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Maximize Your Night of Terror At Halloween Haunt With These Tips

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Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

Halloween Haunt is back again to torment and terrorize those who dare visit. With nine horrifying mazes, six spine-chilling scare zones, and other nightmarish new attractions, our Haunt experts have compiled a few tips to maximize your night of terror:

1. Download the Canada’s Wonderland mobile app onto your iPhone or Android smart phone to access an interactive Halloween Haunt map.

2. The best strategy is to arrive to the park as early as possible. We recommend arriving by 6:30 PM to provide enough time to park and walk to the Main Gate before the event begins at 7 PM. Purchase the optional VIP Pre-Haunt meal for an All You Can Eat Buffet and early entry to Halloween Haunt.

3. Begin your frightening journey at The Plague, a new scare zone that will infect you with terror. After that, make your way to two mazes, Club Blood Revamp and Blood Shed, for terrifying gore.

4. Continue through the park to Sci-Fi House, and if you still feel up to it, steel your nerves for back-to-back horror in Spirit Manor and Cornstalkers. Make your way back to Wonder Mountain through the new Trick or Treat scare zone… if you dare.

5. Once you reach Wonder Mountain, battle Zombies and save yourself in the Zombies! 4D Interactive Dark Ride. After you’ve completed that challenge, spend some time in the beastly bayou at Louisiana Scream maze or encounter evil curses in the Ruins.

6. If you still feel you can face your fears, watch out for rotting corpses in Streets of the Undead before heading to Code Red for your final maze of the night.

7. After or in between your journey through the mazes, catch a sinful performance of “Sinner’s Lounge” (8 PM, 9:30 PM, & 11 PM), watch the terrifying talents of “Skeleton Crew” (8:30 PM, 10 PM, & 11:30 PM), or become bewitched by “The Sentimentalists” (9 PM, 10:30 PM, 11:30 PM).

8. After the mazes and shows, continue your night by riding one of your favourite thrill rides (in the dark) and venturing through our chilling scare zones, including the new Cryohazard scare zone, sure to turn your nightmares toxic.

9. Facing your fears will surely make you hungry, so take a bite out of one of the new Hauntified menu items, like the Zombie Burger or the Bloody Chicken Poutine. Finish it off with a signature fall Funnel Cake (pumpkin spice, anyone?) and you’ll be ready to scream yet again.

Upgrade to Fright Lane with Skeleton Key to unlock ONE time access to five scream-inducing Skeleton Key Rooms and priority access to nine mazes. Purchase the Haunt Pass to experience all 15 nights of terror for one low price.


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