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Enjoying the Ultimate Thrills Circus Show #CWBestDay

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Monday, August 1st, 2016

 Family Entertainment at its Best with the Ultimate Thrills Circus Show

Spending time with my family is easily one of the most important things I do in a day. I try really hard to unplug and just be with them on a regular basis to catch up and just stay connected with them so spending the day at Canada’s Wonderland is such a great way to stay away from electronics and really have a blast while enjoying everything the park has to offer. The Ultimate Thrills Circus show was something we going to check out while at the park as well as getting in some fun rides and a few hours at Splashworks.

Canada’s Wonderland truly does provide all day entertainment for children and adults alike with so many things that all of us could enjoy. Although being pregnant didn’t allow for me to go on any rides with the kids, my husband stepped up to the plate and enjoyed many of them with the kids. Our first stop was to Kidzville and Snoopy Planet as it was really the best place to start for all the kids. With my youngest just about to turn 3 and my oldest almost 13 there was something for everyone to enjoy.

Next up was lunch followed by a few hours at Splashworks. It was about 37 with the humidex and Splashworks was the best place for all of us to cool off and have a little water fun. If you are headed to Canada’s Wonderland, I totally suggest a few hours here to enjoy the summer heat and water fun. There are water slides for everyone from the really large ones to the tiny ones for the littles.
Next we took in the 5 p.m. showing of the Ultimate Thrills Circus. All of my kids were excited to see this show. They all love a good circus show and the Ultimate Thrills Circus did not disappoint. They had us sitting on the edge of our seats with some of the death defying stunts and my 10 year old was in awe at some of the amazing stuff they did. The Globe of Death, the Wheel of Destiny and the Human Cannonball were all dramatic and edge of our seat thrills. The tightrope walker, who is Canadian, was hilarious and quite cool to watch and the comedy trampoline made us giggle. If you are at Wonderland between now and August 18th, go and see this show, it’s not to be missed!
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