New in 2020 at Canada's Wonderland

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New Attractions

Take adventure to new heights at Canada’s Wonderland at Mountain Bay Cliffs, a multi-level cliff jumping attraction, and soar to the skies in Beagle Brigade Airfield, an exciting airplane ride for children.

Mountain Bay Cliffs is a thrill unlike any other in Splash Works, our 20-acre water park. And Beagle Brigade Airfield is the latest of fun, kid-friendly rides offered in Planet Snoopy and KidZville. 

Mountain Bay Cliffs

Adventure awaits at Mountain Bay Cliffs, situated high above the landscape of Splash Works water park. Guests will experience the exhilaration of cliff jumping from a variety of heights into the water below, with the ultimate challenge of conquering the highest peak at seven-and-a-half metres (25 feet).

Beagle Brigade Airfield

Beagle Brigade Airfield flies into Planet Snoopy, and features eight suspended airplanes that zip through the air, taking its young pilots for an exciting flight. Beagle Brigade Airfield zooms along an oval course swinging through sharp banked turns, bringing smiles to children and parents alike.